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About Us


We fell in love with the island of Ibiza from the first day we arrived. The natural beauty of the island's dramatic coast-line, unspoilt landscape and quirky beaches combined with some of the most breathtaking sun-sets completely blew us away.

The island of Es Vedra, with its magical powers and immense energy is felt by all those that visit Ibiza.

The island's lively and playful personality is balanced by some of the most beautiful and peaceful spots found in the Mediterranean and the islands inhabitants are refreshingly welcoming, always greeting visitors with a smile. We believe there is no where else like Ibiza, an island that offers something for everyone.

We have also, over the last few years, explored the different sports that the island has to offer; road-biking, rock-climbing and hiking. There is a potential to create your very own holiday in Ibiza - just perfect for you and your family or group of friends.

In 2006, we started Hip Chalets in the French Alps. Our primary goal was to offer a highly personalised experience providing long lasting, happy memories for our clients who want to combine skiing with high-end accommodation.


When we saw the potential in offering the same concept in Ibiza; stylish, fun and hip properties, along with the personal service we provided for our clients in the Alpes, we instantly went out and bought our first property and started networking with other villa owners.


Our villas are hand picked for their unique character, charm and location. The collection has been refined over the last four years to reach as wide a range of client requirements as possible. We also act as a direct contact between the owners of all the villas and our guests, enabling us to provide guests with a professional, personalised service.


Our villa collection offers a cross section of rustic renovations, contemporary minimal design villas and everything in between. We provide a wide range of sophisticated locations to suit all discerning tastes. Whether it’s a beachfront property or a country estate, Hip Holidays will try to meet guests requirements when helping them choose the right location for their villa holiday.


As Hip Holidays grows, we realise more and more just how precious our guest's holiday time is. Hip Holidays is dedicated to helping guests get the most out of every moment on their Ibiza holiday and leave wanting to return.


Why go on a Villa holiday?


There are few better ways than to share a holiday with friends and family in the peaceful surroundings of your own private villa. It gives you the chance to recharge batteries, re-connect with our loved ones, refresh and relax.


And just how much fun and relaxation can you try to fit into one holiday? Besides enjoying the luxury of your own villa, our free concierge service will ensure you get everything you need from a private massage therapist to your own boat with skipper to take you to the most secluded spots on the island. If it’s a VIP table at a night club, a day bed on the beach or a nanny or baby sitter for the evening, we can arrange these parts of your holiday that normally stop you from relaxing and actually enjoying yourself.


We look forward to looking after you this summer and remain, as ever, at your service... The Hip Holidays team.


Directors: Jamie Strachan & Julia Bergklint