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Hip Holidays Ibiza - Luxury Villa Ibiza - Ibiza Villa Rentals

Why Rent a House in Ibiza with Hip Holidays?

Chose Hip Holidays as your perfect Ibiza travel partner and take full advantage of all this Mediterranean gem of an island has to offer. Select a Hip Holidays house to rent, Ibiza and you will have the perfect base from which to do so. At Hip Holidays we love Ibiza and are constantly receiving feedback from clients who have discovered why. We have put together information that might be useful if you are thinking of house rental in Ibiza.

Why House Rental Ibiza? Hip Holidays Top 5 Reasons:

Life’s a Beach...

Those who dream of stunningly beautiful beaches will find Ibiza hard to beat. The deep azure of the Mediterranean, lapping against sandy or pebbled beaches whilst glorious sunshine bakes down from above creates a spectacular holiday destination. If you rent a house in Ibiza, these beaches and the blue of the sea can be your view as you wake up each morning. Have a look at our Ibiza Beach Guide for specific recommendations.

Ibiza, a Food Lover’s Paradise...

The ‘White Island’ has a little known but well worth discovering tradition of superb culinary treats. Many dishes are local and only seasonal produce go into their creation. Often they trace their origins centuries back in time. Tuna, figs, grapes, olives etc are staples that occur again and again. For those wishing to take advantage of a Hip Holiday house to rent, Ibiza, in order to experiment with local ingredients, have a look at our Ibiza Gastronomy Guide.

Dine out – Ibiza style...

Many of these local culinary specialities and ingredients are carried over in to some of Europe’s top restaurants where they are beautifully fused with exotic flavours. Hip Holidays has put together a Guide to Ibiza’s Best Restaurants in order to make your choice a little easier. If you wish to sample as many of these island delights as possible we suggest you look into the Hip Holidays house rental Ibiza portfolio.

Magical Markets...

With Ibiza’s incredible culinary bounty, it goes without saying restaurants must be sourcing their ingredients somewhere. Often this is where the less well known, wonderful markets of the island come in. Not only abound with fresh local produce, these colourful, warm and friendly affairs sell anything from unique clothes, stunning jewellery and much, much more. Perfect for gift shopping or gentle afternoon strolls, each village has its own unique market complete with sounds, sights and smells. If you opt for a holiday house to rent, Ibiza will reveal yet another magical side. For a look at the various markets, we recommend our Ibiza’s Magical Markets Guide.

Indulge, Pamper, Spa...

Finally, Ibiza often also surprises with its range and quality of spas. Many people come to Ibiza for the legendary nightlife, but what better way to recover after a great night out, than by treating yourself to a spa visit. Ibiza’s spas let you chose from yoga, meditation, aroma therapy, detox and holistic healing. These are just some of the treatments available which you will find in our Top Ibiza Spas Guide.  House rental Ibiza through Hip Holidays is the ideal way to be right at the heart of some of Europe’s top spa action.

Rent a house in Ibiza with Hip Holidays and you will discover so many more reasons of your own for taking a holiday in Ibiza.