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Getting to Ibiza is not difficult. This beautiful Mediterranean island is graced by more than 5 million visitors annually and as such is by definition extremely well connected. Most people who rent one of our luxury villas Ibiza choose to fly and use Ibiza’s international and well-connected airport Eivissa as the gateway to their various Ibiza destinations. For good advice with how to get to Ibiza by plane, we at Hip Holidays Ibiza have added a flight tracker to our site. Using this can help save time and effort. However if you do need advice on how to get to Ibiza, please contact us.

Alternatively you may opt to travel to Ibiza via one of the islands’ several ferry routes. Ferries ply the Mediterranean Sea to Ibiza from several ports the principal ones being Denia, Barcelona, Valencia and Palma in Mallorca. Time varies according to which route you opt for as well as the type of vessel. Several high speed ferries have replaced older and slower ships. It is worth noting that price varies accordingly. Ibiza has two main passenger ports; Ibiza Town itself and San Antonio. As such the convenience of either location may vary according to your particular Hip Holidays Ibiza rental.

For the best advice of how to get to Ibiza by ferry, please see our Ibiza ferry guide or contact us for further details.